A larger understanding of the drivetrain system can come in handy at various instances among which Four-Wheel Drive and Two-Wheel Drive are two of the principal subdivisions of the category. Here are some salient differences between the two. Four-wheel drive One must have noticed a 4×4 sign at the back of any vehicle which basically means it is a Four-Wheel Drive based automobiles. In a 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) the vehicle is powered by all the four wheels, that is, the engine carries power into the rear axles and front axles distributing uniform speed to them. Thus, maximum traction results that transform the torque into greater vehicle movement, and that is the reason why these vehicles are best suited for off-road driving, mountain roads, all sorts of grounds, especially low traction roads such as icy or slippery ones. 4WD systems come with flexibility for either a full-time operation or shift facility to Two Wheel Drive system. Some examples of 4WD vehicles are Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Pajero, etc.

These off-road 4WD vehicles are basically heavier, expensive and consumption of fuel is more than Two Wheel Drive vehicles but provides greater control and tractability. Two-wheel drive Oft-times, most of the passenger vehicles belong to this category. In this case, the engine powers either the two front wheels (Front-Wheel Drive) or the rear wheels (Rear-Wheel Drive) of which the FWD is more common. The perks of Front Wheel Drive include a lightened weight of the vehicle, less making cost, space efficiency, better traction for uphill movements etc. since all the power and function is based on only two of the wheels compared to the Four-Wheel Drive system. The Rear Wheel Drive is best suited for heavy load carriers as heavier loads cause more friction which leads to greater traction. The commencing acceleration is seemed to be faster and braking systems better in the Rear Wheel Drive vehicles like SUVs, pickup trucks, etc. The weight distribution in RWD results in a proper balance of the vehicle from front to rear.Towing accessories Pakenham helps in the proper balance of the vehicles when towed. Some examples of 2WD are Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, etc. These vehicles are comparatively lighter or in other words, the weight is evenly spread in the vehicle, less expensive than 4WD vehicles, fuel efficient, although not suitable for all types of conditions and terrains.