Today, in this world, almost every person owns a vehicle whether it is small or big, or cheap or expensive. Owning a vehicle does not mean using it forever the way it is, everything needs maintenance, suspension and inspection, similarly, the vehicle also needs all of that. The vehicle depreciates by the time and its parts start getting damaged which then do not give you your desired results. Sometimes the vehicle may look fine, but it can betray you anytime which is why it is important to get it inspected every year. Other than inspection, a vehicle needs so many things which you might not be aware of so you must give it to the company that knows everything about a vehicle and knows what it needs or what it can require so that your vehicle stays good without any default. However, finding such a company is difficult but you do not have to worry anymore. T&G 4×4 is the company that provides you with multiple services regarding the vehicle. Our services are extremely reliable that we guarantee you that you will come again for your next vehicle. Let us discuss some of the services that we provide;

Trip Inspection

Going on a trip has become very common these days for every person but people might not know that going on a trip is not easy. If the vehicle stops during the trip, what are you going to do then? This is the reason it is important to get your vehicle inspected before going on a trip. 4×4 diff locks in Sydneyprovides the best trip inspection services which mean we provide inspection of vehicle before the trip and after the trip as well because after trip inspection is also very important because when you come back from a trip, the vehicle damages because of the excessive and continuous use on the trip so it is essential to get it inspected so that you get it in best condition and so that you can again use it for your next trip.

Child Restraint Fittings

The safety of a child always comes first because the child is innocent and is not able to understand any risk in a car. This is why we are here to provide you with the service of child restraint fittings no matter what age your child is so that it stays safe even in the worst driving condition.

Vehicle Repair                                                  

The vehicle is a fixed asset and it depreciates every year so it needs maintenance and repair so that it stays in a good condition. Sometimes some parts of the vehicle get completely damaged apart from depreciation, and every part of the vehicle is important to have it in proper working. T&G 4×4 provides with the vehicle repair. We have excellent good 4wd parts that will make your vehicle new again and we also do bull bars repair at affordable rates.