Off terrain driving is a whole new world to get lost in. No honking, no other vehicle sounds given that you’re not racing, and then it’s like you’re in one of your own worlds. Even if you were a beginner or a professional racer, there are a certain set of non-technical criteria that you need to pay attention to if you were to buy a new bike. In fact, none of these factors contain any technical aspects since as a racer you’d know, or as long as you consult a biker friend, you’d know. This is more of a tactical approach.Here are 3 factors to know when buying a dirt bike.

Whether it’s to practice or race

Wasn’t going to consider that now, did you? This is in fact a great money saver if you looked at it the right away. There’s a common misconception that you should always go for a low quality or even a used bike for practicing. This is quite sabotaging because that way, your body adapt to weaker conditions, making you vulnerable when better conditions are provided. But if it is indeed for racing, going for branded Yamaha motorbikes is ideal. This is due to the solid name that the company has withheld for so many years. If you are to substitute it, you better do it wisely.

Whether it’s your money or a sponsor

This one has a certain moral aspect if you looked at the wide picture. This doesn’t necessary interpret that you should go for an expensive and high performance bike just because the expenses are being taken care of. But making use of an investment sort of opportunity will help you to come to a better place. For an instance, you can try going for Husqvarna motorbikes if you’re not the biggest Yamaha fan. But it is wise to go for the optimum option always.

Your physical dimensional characteristics

When riding a bike, especially when racing, it should become a part of your body. That’s the ultimate secret of most successful riders in the game. To make sure that this criteria isn’t messed up, it is ideal to do a quick calculation and physically get on the bike and feel it for yourself. This will give you the clearest idea about how you and the bike connects. You can even request to have a test ride just because you will spending a considerable amount of money. However, be sure not to make this the only factor that makes you decide.